Our Strategy

We are ordinary people living in the same condition as everybody else.

Our strategy is designed for people who have ordinary abilities and resources.

Its every step is easy to understand and possible to accomplish alone or in a collective of like-minded people.

Overall strategy

Our plan can be divided into two parts: a personal one and a common one. Separate people, no matter how capable, are doomed to failure, but an organization made of unskilled and ignorant members is also going to fail. The development of a collective is impossible without personal development of its members. In turn, only very few people can find strength and motivation to develop to their fullest without support from others. This makes both parts of the plan mandatory, and they connect in a lot of areas.


Knowledge is power, and not just theoretical knowledge like that about the fundamental laws of nature, but also practical knowledge, like professional skills and computer literacy. People who don't know much or unable to do much can offer little help to our movement towards the future, no matter how sincere their intentions are. Here we have to point out several important areas of expertise:

A scientific worldview. The basic minimum of knowledge in natural sciences should be mandatory for everyone, otherwise they risk falling prey to charlatans, mystics and traditional superstitions. It is necessary to develop rational critical thinking without which it is hard to direct your life yourself, whether we speak of a single person or of humanity as a whole.

Society we live in. It is unwise to try and change something if you don't have the slightest idea how it works. Most information about the current state of affairs in the world is easily available, but very few people show an interest and try to approach it from a practical perspective. We have to study the laws governing the development of society from all sides, learn facts that describe its current state and look for the causes of the most significant social changes, maybe even trying to predict some of their consequences.

Professional skills. People spend most of their waking lives at work. Those who cannot do anything useful are of doubtful help to the project. Moreover, they are not in high demand in the present system and therefore completely harmless for it. In case of the slightest expression of disobedience, the system will simply cast out its «malfunctioning» subject with a broad variety of means. The more valuable our professional skills are, the more essential we are to the system and the more free we are to act and influence the state of affairs.
So, if you were initially unlucky with your professional choices, don‘t despair and don’t resign to the role of a sales clerk or any other «office monkey». You should better try to get a qualification and perfect your professional skills.

Physical fitness. Modern «professional sport» maims people, like any excessive specialization does. But everybody needs exercise. Regular physical exertions keep people active, help maintain their health and provide them with more energy. The system disarms people with lack of physical mobility and suppresses them with constant stress - one has to counteract this somehow.

Other useful skills. It is also unwise to limit your knowledge to your professional area of expertise. If you have the opportunity and the desire to acquire some useful skill - do it. Versatility and a broad worldview make life easier and help the fight for a better future.

All these elements support each other. A scientific worldview and systemic thinking help analyze what is going on, good physical condition gives the energy for mental work and an advantage at a critical moment. Professional development provides with resources for life and action, and also expands the circle of useful acquaintances and helps unite based on common goals and problems. A broad set of useful skills can get you out of sticky situations in life and serves as additional insurance from unemployment.

The ability to learn throughout your whole life is one of the most important distinctions of human beings. To achieve our goals we have to use its to the fullest.


The main strength of the system is the disunity of people. We are constantly told that «Every man for himself, only God for all». An imaginary friend (and «Lord» for some) in heavens will reward the righteous and punish the wicked - but only after we die. As a result, in the real world it‘s just «every man for himself». Alone against the system which works for the benefit of a tightly-knit group of the so-called «elite». It’s easy to guess who wins in this scenario.

Fighting the system alone and win - whether you are a genius or not - is only possible in Hollywood movies Which is the product of the very same system and at the same time - one of the mechanisms that ensures its stability by enforcing certain stereotypes and views..

Only a coordinated collective that strives towards a goal that is shared by all participants has any chance of victory. For such a collective to arise, we have to:

Find like-minded people. Those who are critical of the current order, understand that it is irrational and has no future. Form your own collective to fight for the future, or join an already existing one For instance, by contacting us. However, it is crucial to be cautious and discerning to avoid «armchair politicians» and fringe lunatics And people who want to obtain the favor of their masters by betraying those who were foolish enough to trust them. who would talk about fighting anything and anyone, but back down as soon as they are asked to prove their dedication in practice.

Help each other develop and solve problems. The value of a collective approaches zero if it does not help its members develop or abandons them in times of need. One of the most important things to keep in mind while building a collective is the balance between indifference and parasitism. It is wrong to stay impartial to other people‘s problems. But it is also wrong to live at others’ expense or let anyone live at your expense.

Establish contact with similar collectives. One collective is a good start, but it will not be enough to reach our goals. They require all collectives who strive towards the same objective to coordinate, exchange information, form a unified stand on various issues and develop new methods.


This stage is the implementation of the plan, the activity that we have to unite and learn for.

The plan as it is now seems realistic for the time being. It will inevitably be altered and added to in the process. No plan survives the encounter with reality unchanged.


1. Gather the «core» of the project - a network of collectives united by common views and agenda.
2. Establish infrastructure - both in terms of organization and information, and develop principles of interaction.
3. Expand existing collectives and create new ones.


4. Coordinate manufacture of propaganda materials for a wider audience.
5. Gather and analyze data about the real state of the economy and the lives of people in the country and abroad.
6. Spread our ideas among the people.


7. Compose a plan for «Zero Hour» and prepare for its implementation.
8. Amass real influence in society through numbers and the presence of our people in key positions of the system.

Zero Hour

9. Replace the political system with a new one created by the project.
10. Radically transform the economy and social order.

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